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TT plus


lCore I5 dual-core or I7 quad-core CPU, Kingston 128G SSD Drive,4G memory

l 9.1/10.1/11.1 multi-version system, supporting customization

l 12 physical 5-pin XLR opto-isolated DMX output, up to 6144 channels

l Can be extended by network processor,up to 64 universe , 32,768 channels

l 5 metal shaft optical attribute encoders.

l Two 15.6-inch capacitive touch screens with window control and editing functions

l 6 LCD screens, real-time display program storage, running state

l 40 precise playback faders corresponding to the screen

l 10 preset playback faders, 10 programmable macro function buttons

l 100 independent flash buttons configured by the user

l Built-in UPS system , protect the system from unexpected power-off for one hour

l Ethercon network connection , support ArtNet or sACN Standard Protocol

l Support 3.5mm and 6.5mm audio output

l 5 USB ports, 1 front and 4 back

l Support MIDI time code, built-in Winamp time code, built-in Clock time code and other trigger methods, fast realization of sound and light synchronization

l Ergonomic trim and handles,convenient and easy-to-use key layout

l Support ios and Android remote control (wifi connection is required)

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